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Refugee Day 2016

_DSC0119aCan you imagine a day in your life, young or old, being wrenched from the only home, life and people you know right now?  Can you envisage the feeling of sheer desperation and need to survive? Could you imagine having to choose between the safety and life of your own or your child’s?   I can’t. Why? Because I haven’t ever had to. On Refugee Day, we are reminded of the importance of looking beyond ourselves and our local community. We are reminded of the courage and strength that it takes for so many refugees across the world, to leave their homes and loved ones, in search of  safety. Here at Habitat for Humanity GB Homes, we believe that everyone deserves to have a safe place to live and call home.  Whilst our primary focus is on providing affordable housing for those in need, in the...

Summer Project with CCAP – Interview with Bev Salmon

Over the summer, Habitat for Humanity have been working at the Charlie Chaplin Adventure Playground (CCAP) in Kennington. We have been able to carry out essential maintenance and improvements to the landscaping and play equipment. With the financial and practical help from corporate supporters we have also been able to provide a purpose built office facility which was opened on August 20th. Lucy Coates from our team carried out an interview with Beverley Salmon, who runs the facility. This focuses on the difference that has been made by the project. CCAP was set up in 1979 by Lady Chaplin – one of Charlie Chaplin’s former wives. The idea was to create a safe space for handicapped children in Lambeth to play and engage in social activities. It has since been working to maintain the ethos created by Lady Chaplin. Bev tells Lucy about the difficult and often labour-intensive work they carry out to ensure all the children they care for get the most out of the after-school and summer holiday programmes they run. “Wheelchairs are one...

Habitat for Humanity Around The World

Enjoy this video showing the amazing breath and scope of work carried out by Habitat for Humanity around the world last year. Here at Habitat for Humanity Homes we are proud to be part of a worldwide family of affiliates who are playing their parts in rolling this dream out in a big way.