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New Furniture Fund Launched!

Furnishing of Flats for Housing for Women Tenants   HFH Homes are trying to fundraise so that we can furnish the 2 flats at Kings Grove for our future tenants who are from Housing for Women. These flats are the latest homes to be brought into use on our "Empty Houses to Homes" scheme, part funded by the DCLG. Please click on our Just Giving page (http://www.justgiving.com/HFH-EmptyHomes) for details of how to add your support – every donation however small or large will be much appreciated and can go towards making a ‘home’ for these families, not simply a house. HFH Homes are partnering with Housing for Women to provide 2 new homes for women and their children coming out of very vulnerable circumstances. HfW's vital and sensitive work takes place to prepare these women for life in the community again, in vastly improved circumstances. HFH Homes has already carried out...

Guardian Housing Network Blog – A problem shared: tackling empty homes

There is a Quechuan word I learnt years ago during my time volunteering on a community building project in Peru, the concept of which has stayed with me since. "Aynikuy" means, roughly speaking, "to contribute labour to a task to which all parties are mutually committed". It's the way a lot of jobs were accomplished in the Inca Empire, including all those superb terraces and fortresses around Cuzco, and Quechua communities still practice it today when there is work to be done. Last year, when Habitat for Humanity met with communities and local government under-secretary Andrew Stunell, we emphasised the important role community groups and social enterprises play in bringing empty homes back into use as affordable housing. We are now in a position to access over £25m of funding from a £100m government pot for just such a purpose. An interesting by-product of the government's attempts to address the problem of empty homes is the infiltration of new set of values and priorities into the social housing arena; housing providers and...

£566k Grant for Empty Homes Programme

PRESS RELEASE - For Immediate Release: 13 July 2012 Southwark Habitat for Humanity, a charity with a social remit to build and refurbish homes, has been awarded a £566,000 grant to provide 35 affordable homes in London and Banbury over the next three years. The grant was awarded by the Department of Communities & Local Government (DCLG), as part of the current government’s Affordable Homes Programme, to reduce the number of long term empty homes by 3300 by April 2015. Established in 1996, Southwark Habitat for Humanity has a unique partnership model to build and refurbish properties using volunteers from the local community and corporate partners with opportunities for construction trainees to be involved on a live building site. Gareth Hepworth, Chief Executive Officer said: “The refurbishment of empty property allows all concerned to achieve a positive outcome. Families get the housing they desperately need, an eyesore in the community is bought back to life and society uses its scarce housing resources to the full.”  
Current Projects:
  • Refurbishment of three empty homes in Dagenham.
  • Renovating...
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