Refugee Day 2016

Can you imagine a day in your life, young or old, being wrenched from the only home, life and people you know right now?  Can you envisage the feeling of sheer desperation and need to survive? Could you imagine having to choose between the safety and life of your own or your child’s?   I can’t. Why? Because I haven’t ever had to.

On Refugee Day, we are reminded of the importance of looking beyond ourselves and our local community. We are reminded of the courage and strength that it takes for so many refugees across the world, to leave their homes and loved ones, in search of  safety.

Here at Habitat for Humanity GB Homes, we believe that everyone deserves to have a safe place to live and call home.  Whilst our primary focus is on providing affordable housing for those in need, in the local surrounding communities in London, there is still a focus on supporting international projects within the Habitat family.

If you would like more information about what Habitat for Humanity are doing to support refugees please see here.