Empty Home Owners

In a time of serious housing need, empty property is a waste and can be a blight on local communities. Habitat for Humanity Homes (HFH Homes) has developed a scheme to bring empty property into back into use –  particularly those in need of substantial repair.  There are wide benefits to the community by dealing with a problem empty property which has a low prospect of being improved by the owner without our assistance.

We work directly with homeowners who want bring their empty properties back into use to become affordable rented accommodation.  We have an impressive track record of supporting homeowners because we know how to overcome issues that can arise and will create a tailored response according to the home owner’s requirements.

With our expertise and contacts in the housing sector, we overcome obstacles that threaten to derail a project.  For example, in situations where there has been an historic conflict or a deadlock with planning permission, we use our good reputation with local councils to broker a win-win outcome for all concerned.

HFH Homes offers a complete package for assessing, costing, scheduling, carrying out the works and then managing the tenancy in the refurbished home.  This ‘repair and lease‘ approach provides a simple and clear route for a home owner to bring their disused property back into use as a home for a family in housing need.

Get Involved

Contact us online, or call David Clare (Business Development Manager) /Gareth Hepworth (CEO) on 020 7732 0066 to find out about our forthcoming projects and how your organisation can get involved.