It was delivered on time and on budget, which is always a good result for any project.  It’s delivered affordable housing where it’s needed, jobs and training, and it’s great to actually recognise the housing needs and deliver them.

This is a flagship scheme for us, we’ll learn from what we’ve done here to deliver future jobs and training.  The quality of this project is a testament to the young adults that actually delivered this.  It’s a great build, the folk are happy who live here, the place is fully occupied.


Don Barclay, Director of Development
Sanctuary Group

It was a huge success, just one of those projects that we felt – what a great job and what a great legacy for Banbury.  We felt that through construction we had a great opportunity to not only address homelessness but to help young people develop skills and opportunities.

The ambition now is to create 250 opportunities like this over the next three years so actually it’s been a trigger for massive growth and change in our district.

We won a national local government award for innovation that was totally down to the partnership work that happened here and the outcomes that were achieved.

Helen Town, Strategic Housing Manager
Cherwell District Council

In their time here, the guys have worked really hard in redecorating both parts of our hostel and our young people’s centre.  In all the time they have worked here the standards of work have been fantastic and it’s been a pleasure to have the team around, always smiling and enjoying the work they have been doing.

The work carried out in the youth centre has transformed the space and the feedback I have received from the young people who use the centre has been nothing but positive.  Before the centre was pretty drab and dreary but now there is lot of colour in the place which has given it a new lease of life.  I hope we can continue to work together in partnership in the future as I feel we both have a lot to offer one another.

Matt Hickson, Senior Youth Worker
Hayes YMCA

SHFH are very interested in following up leads and working with a range of clients and customers.  SHFH are able to deliver many of the requirements needed to tackle problematic and long term empty property.   SHFH are willing to explore and engage with the local authority and understand the preses and constraints the LA is under to turn around eyesore and long term empty property.

SHFH’s commitment to training and developing building skills with their volunteers helps towards offering a competitive quote for property owners.  The project was well managed and delivered on time and within budget.

Nick Long, Property Initiatives Manager
Lewisham Empty Homes