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Habitat for Humanity is an international charity with projects in over 70 countries, supporting the most marginalised and vulnerable in society, and welcoming people of all religions and none.  Habitat for Humanity Homes, based in London, has a focus on local housing and community projects.  Our National Office, Habitat for Humanity Great Britain, based in Slough, works with other Habitat for Humanity affiliates around the world on interventions to reduce global housing poverty and homelessness.  Habitat for Humanity have a common vision of a world where everyone has access to decent and safe housing.

Access to decent housing is the foundation to achieving essential human rights such as; education, property, food and privacy. Habitat for Humanity Great Britain support the following initiatives;

  • Building homes through rehabilitating urban slums and rebuilding rural homes that are healthy and safe.
  • Natural disaster relief through our response and risk reduction work, all of which give communities the means to rebuild in the event of a disaster.
  • Providing clean drinking water and toilets for WaSH programmes which build latrines and water supply systems, create sewage and waste management systems, as well as educate families on basic hygiene.
  • Fighting for affordable housing, land tenure and property rights through advocacy.
  • Providing micro-loans for the poorest families, enabling them to fight housing poverty within their community.
  • Energy efficiency programmes that involve renovating apartment blocs over Europe, bringing safe cooking stoves in new homes in Bangladesh or solar powered heating & electricity.



For more information about Habitat for Humanity’s international work please get in touch with Habitat for Humanity Great Britain at  hello@habitatforhumanity.org.uk or to for their latest news and stories please visit https://www.habitatforhumanity.org.uk