International Work

Visit our international website

Visit our international website

We at Habitat for Humanity Homes are a London-based charity and the operating arm of Habitat for Humanity in Great Britain. Habitat for Humanity International, as a global charity has projects in over 70 countries.  Habitat for Humanity Great Britain, based in Slough works with other national offices around the world on interventions to reduce global housing poverty and homelessness. We all share a common vision of a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live.

Global Village trips give you the opportunity to travel overseas to work hand-in-hand with people around the world to help build simple, decent homes. Volunteers work with low-income families who invest hundreds of hours of sweat equity into building their own house and those of their neighbours. Time and again Global Village volunteers experience transformation in their own lives as they work with people living with the indignity of poverty housing.

Full details of costs and international destinations for Global Village trips are available on the Habitat for Humanity Great Britain website.

Please visit the website for our Slough office to find out more about Habitat for Humanity’s international work ( Their latest news stories are also available in the same location.