Southwark Habitat for Humanity – Gordon Road Project – 2004

This video features the founding project for the Southwark Habitat for Humanity (our former name) in London, and captures the spirit and ethos behind HFH’s volunteering and community engagement. It is well worth a watch to see what the good foundations are that HFH Homes are now building on!

Gordon Road Homes, Peckham – Retrospective

The charity was founded on this project in 1996, and it's worth us looking back to see what we have learned from our experience. 16 three-bed homes were built over 3 phases with the final block in Habitat Close completed in 2005. As well as benefitting from corporate volunteering, all the homes were built using the traditional Habitat for Humanity model of ‘sweat equity’ – the future owners gave 500 hours of their own time to invest into the project. This ‘sweat equity’ approach builds community whilst the development is taking place and the benefits of this for the longer term have been evident there. As HFH Homes have administered the interest-free mortgages, we have had an ongoing relationship with the community and seen some significant outcomes including:
  • A stronger sense of community and neighbourhood cohesion
  • Better maintenance and care of property and environment
  • Sense of ‘ownership’ and longer-term stability for the development
  • Affordable solution for lower-income families
  • ‘A hand-up rather than a hand-out’ – all the families have been able...

Completion of Kings Grove, Peckham

On the 26th November we celebrated the opening of the new refurbished flats with 70 guests, a mixture of government officials, corporate supporters, community volunteers and partner charities, all with a connection to the project. 61 KG_XDB3645_600x400 We were privileged to have  Stephen Williams MP (pictured above), the minister in charge of Empty Homes at the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) along on his first public engagement in his new role. He was really impressed by the wide community engagement the project has achieved, with over 400 volunteers spending time on site assisting with the 8 month build (starting in April 2013). David Ireland from the charity Empty Homes also came and added his support as the event took place during National Empty Homes week 2013. We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to our supporters and volunteers who have worked hard on this site, including...

Al Jazeera Report – London’s Housing Crisis

Gareth Hepworth (our CEO) featured recently in a video report by Al Jazeera Television at our empty homes project in Kings Grove, Peckham. Although our part forms just a short segment, the whole report does give a very good overview of the critical situation with housing and affordability in London at present.