On-Site Training

Young people learn skills on-site

We are developing opportunities to involve young people, who are not in education, employment or training (also known as NEETs), in our empty homes programme with support from training partners and local colleges (see Miller Road project for details).

Our hope is that young people with specific work-based training needs are given a fresh opportunity to grow and develop, whilst being involved in a live HfH project.  It is envisaged that their experience with Habitat for Humanity will leave them feeling more equipped for the world of work and encourage them to seek out opportunities in construction or other fields.

On every project we aim to create an environment where hard work, informal mentoring and fun relationship are mixed together – this is the unique experience we know that Habitat for Humanity can offer.  The hundreds of volunteers who have assisted us over the years show us how much can be achieved on-site with the right kind of support and supervision.  It is also an uplifting experience for all involved to work together to meet a community housing need.

Get Involved

Contact us online or call David Clare (Business Development Manager)  / Darren Cottrell (Construction Manager) on 020 7732 0066 to find out about our forthcoming projects and how your organisation can get involved.