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New Furniture Fund Launched!

Furnishing of Flats for Housing for Women Tenants   HFH Homes are trying to fundraise so that we can furnish the 2 flats at Kings Grove for our future tenants who are from Housing for Women. These flats are the latest homes to be brought into use on our "Empty Houses to Homes" scheme, part funded by the DCLG. Please click on our Just Giving page ( for details of how to add your support – every donation however small or large will be much appreciated and can go towards making a ‘home’ for these families, not simply a house. HFH Homes are partnering with Housing for Women to provide 2 new homes for women and their children coming out of very vulnerable circumstances. HfW's vital and sensitive work takes place to prepare these women for life in the community again, in vastly improved circumstances. HFH Homes has already carried out...

Blog – Letting Our Homes Speak to Us

Whilst the debate about sustainability, energy-efficiency, carbon-reduction and climate change rumbles on, we have to ask ourselves the question: “Have we really learned anything of lasting value in our quest for more sustainable, lower energy buildings in the last 50 years?” This was the question posed by Bill Bordass in his excellent Inaugral George Henderson Memorial Lecture at the UCL Energy Institute on 12th June. The talk was entitled “Improving Building Performance: Sparing no expense to get something on the cheap?” and I was impressed by the strategic overview Bill gave on the subject, and the witty delivery. The key message that came through from a well-respected expert in building performance evaluation is that, as a nation we don’t seem to be learning from the past. The use and performance of buildings is critical in obtaining feedback from the building itself but it doesn't get the focus it deserves and needs. There are a number of reasons for this but the main one highlighted was the divorce between...

Joint Press Release – FMH Tunbridge Wells


                      JOINT PRESS RELEASE    5th June 2013 (for immediate release)



Three well established charities are working together to explore how to meet local housing need.  It’s good news in any community where people need help; and friends work together to find solutions.   HELP - More and more young people are facing homelessness in Tunbridge Wells and beyond. This seems hard to believe but it’s real.  Some vulnerable young people are assisted by Social Services and some are get supported housing for up to two years provided by the YMCA and others. However, there is a significant lack of ‘move-on’ housing in the Borough. At the same time, the Friends Meeting House in Grosvenor Park, is becoming harder to maintain so may need some renovation for the future.   HOPE   - The brilliant news is that the Friends are prepared to share, talk and work together. The Friends and...

Guardian Housing Network Blog – Lack of Land Holding Back Housing

The latest round of budget measures have done little to encourage those of us involved in building homes for people who need them. The new Help-to-Buy scheme launched in the chancellor's recent budget will only serve to drive already inflated property prices even higher, and further out of the reach of those on the lower rungs of society's ladder. At a time when courage is needed to kick-start the nation into building more homes again, we find there is little to get really excited about. We are committed to serving the neediest in society who would normally be excluded from either home ownership or rental and can only do what we do if there is some form of subsidy for a scheme – whether in the form of reduced land price, access to grants or subsidised rents. As a charitable developer/contractor, Habitat for Humanity is keen to get hold of suitable land to build quality, environmentally sound, affordable homes for people in housing need. However, with councils and other statutory bodies unwilling...
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