Our ultimate goal is for poverty housing to be eliminated and for safe, decent and affordable homes for all. As we journey towards this goal, not only we helping people in housing need through our projects (via third party housing associations or the council), the following are beneficiaries too:

  • People in Housing Need – providing safe, decent and affordable homes for people in desperate housing needs.
  •  Homelessness Housing/Support Organisations – With a focus on creating and developing affordable move on accommodation units, former homeless people are given the opportunity to integrate back into independent living, thus releasing emergency
  • Councils – Working closely with councils, assisting with delivering units of accommodation for people in housing need, through repairing empty homes and new housing.
  • Charities – We work with other charities, helping them improve and maintain their property so they can better continue providing their service for their beneficiaries.
  • Corporates – providing team building and volunteering opportunities, improved company image and credibility, fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility goals, providing routes into their local communities.
  • Church and Community Groups – Many churches groups have a focus on helping to provide housing. We can work with these groups to help them develop underused assets and land into use as housing for people in need.
  • Training Schemes/ Colleges – providing opportunities for trainees to gain skills and experience on live sites, under expert supervision.