JOINT PRESS RELEASE    5th June 2013 (for immediate release)



Three well established charities are working together to explore how to meet local housing need.  It’s good news in any community where people need help; and friends work together to find solutions.


HELP – More and more young people are facing homelessness in Tunbridge Wells and beyond. This seems hard to believe but it’s real.  Some vulnerable young people are assisted by Social Services and some are get supported housing for up to two years provided by the YMCA and others. However, there is a significant lack of ‘move-on’ housing in the Borough. At the same time, the Friends Meeting House in Grosvenor Park, is becoming harder to maintain so may need some renovation for the future.


HOPE   – The brilliant news is that the Friends are prepared to share, talk and work together. The Friends and West Kent YMCA are working together along with Habitat for Humanity to find a novel solution.


HOUSING  –  The big idea is to renovate the Friends Meeting House to combine the meeting hall of the Tunbridge Wells Quakers and develop ten “move-on” flats.  West Kent YMCA staff at Ryder house, nearby in Belgrave Road, would provide all the staff support and supervision needed to make this a real success.  The Friends are generous, open-minded and willing to share their building with those who most need it in the community.  Habitat for Humanity will train volunteers from the community and the YMCA to help construct and convert the building to improve work skills and provide affordable housing in the community.


At this early stage, the partners would greatly welcome comments, questions or support from the local community, so are holding two EXHIBITIONS.  They warmly invite the public to view the outline concept and plans, talk to the Friends and partners and provide comments by text, email or questionnaire:

Monday 17th June at the Friends Meeting House, Grosvenor Park, Tunbridge Wells,

Visitors are welcome anytime between 4pm and 7pm

Wednesday 19th June at YMCA, Ryder House, 1-23 Belgrave Road, TN1 2BP

Visitors are welcome anytime between 4.30pm and 7pm

For more information phone or text Rob on 07941 388 852 or email


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